Retro inspired games / remakes
Original Games

In 1982, a videogame holographic eyeglass was launched.
Real life was turned into a game!


Hologram Mania is a game with all the classic elements from early arcade shooters. Inspired mainly by the Atari's 2600 "Megamania" - Hologram Mania adds in new features and an 80's inspiration on all enemies.
Master firing your blaster and get power-ups by killing enemies in combos sequence.


  • 8bit style pixel art
  • 25 Unique Backgrounds
  • 45 Unique Enemy types
  • 4 Bosses
  • Commodore C64 Voice Synthesizer
  • Combo systems for power-ups
  • Original Soundtrack & SFX

In the vast space-exploring colonies, the space miners face dangers everyday. The special S.A.R. (Search and Rescue) team is their only hope for help.


Stranded Miners in Space, is an cave/world exploring action game with a hint of MetroidVania style, inspired by the Atari 2600 game H.E.R.O.


  • 14 levels
  • Original graphics inspired on 8/16 bit games
  • Original sound
  • Progressive difficulty and achievements


The Arcade game with a twist. What if the levels were like a full vertical scroller ?
Plus now you can play as Luigi!

The classic Atari 2600 Game remade.
Fight the Red Baron again, featuring:

  • 4 different scenarios
  • Select your doghouse plane!
  • Renewed graphics
  • Sprites and graphics remade using the classic Snoopy vs Red Baron cartoon
  • Same Atari2600 gameplay
  • Food combo bonus
  • New sound effects